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How To Find The Payout Percentage On A Slot Machine

Slot Machine

Especially in the United States of America, it is very hard to get a hold of the payout percentage of slot machines, especially on paper. This article tries to help you evaluate the payout percentage of slot machines to help you increase the probability of winning the game by hitting the jackpot.

Probability, The House Edge, Payback Percentage And Return To Player

The most layman explanation of what probability is the likelihood of a particular event happening in terms of mathematical measures. Understanding how probability works will help you calculate the chances of your winning the game. The probability of an event to happen will fall between 0-1. If the calculated likelihood of an event to happen is 1, then such an event will occur. The closer the chance of an event to happen is to 1, then the likelihood is more.

The house edge is the assumed probability of the number of bets the casinos are going to win over the bets you make. The house edge helps the casinos calculate the chances they win and the ones they will lose, thereby getting a look into the payouts that needs to be given out. All casinos follow the house edge. In order to calculate your probabilities of winning, keep the house edge percentage in mind.


The terms “return to player” and “payback percentage” are more or less the same thing. The difference between the two is subjective. Some refer to return to player as the statistical expectation while the latter is being referred to as the actual results.

The payback percentage of slot machines is displayed next to never. Especially in the United States of America, the slot machines never give away the payback percentage of the game. The hack to understand and calculate the same is to get the figure of the house edge. This is so because; the house edge and the payback percentage of a slot machine when added will be a hundred percent. The reason for the same is, the house edge is the percentage that the casinos will get from bets while the payback percentage is the percentage of bets that you will win.

At times, some casinos advertise the payback percentage of the slot machines. The advertisements will have the “up to” connotation. They might even go the extent of saying that there are slot machines with a payback percentage of 90 per cent. The said claim can be valid, but that does not mean that all the slot machines in that casino may not have a payback percentage of 90 percentages.  Online slot machines often advertise and display the payback percentages of the slot machines.

Popular Slot Games For Windows Ten

Playing Games

The windows ten software provides a vibrant range of hand-picked slot machine games for you to play. These games are often free as well. This article discusses various popular slot games available in windows 10.


In this slot game which is offered by windows ten, there is a wide range of slot machines. There are over a hundred different kinds of slot machines available for you to try hand and your luck. These slot machines inspired by designed with regards to Vegas casinos have all lust-worthy attributes like wilds, free spins and bonuses.

Simons Slots


For all the slot machine fanatics, who have played almost all games related to slots available, the Simon slots will help you to get over the monotony by bringing in a twist in the game of slots. The game tests your memory ability and reflexes.  Your principal will be to match the tiles after your spin while the patterns are moving swiftly.


The Slots pro will give the players an opportunity to play the game while getting an experience similar to that if an actual casino. You can play this exciting slot machine game adapted from Vegas-style slots for free in windows ten. The game provides its players with daily bonuses and jackpots, thereby helping you have a lot of fun.


The game provides for eight unique slot machines. Each of the eight games will have bonus mini-games. The games will help you expand your understanding of the slots while you crack bigger wins which will help you rise to the top of the leaderboard.



The most intriguing factor about of the CSI: slots are that; this game is one of the most interactive slot games you can get your hands on. The windows ten software allows you to play this game for free. The game is an amalgamation of both casino level thrills with intriguing adventures of CSI. Just by spinning, you get experience solving cases, interrogating suspects, and so forth.


Get to experience the slots while playing the Slot Machine. It has an astounding number of seventeen slot machines. The more you play, the more experience you garner while getting to unlock more slot machines that you can play. The more you score, the higher in the leaderboard you will climb.